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    Greetings to All!!




    Hard to think we’re already planning another Wartsila Users Conference—the last one in Denver seems like it was just yesterday. We hope everyone enjoyed the conference as much as we did, and the 2018 Conference aims to be even better, with much more involvement by Wartsila!!!!!


    The 2018 Wartsila Users Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn San Antonio-Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX, beginning November 5th and going through the 8th. For those that attended the conference last time it was in San Antonio, you can remember what a great venue that was!! Here is the link (Wartsila Users Group 2018 Conference) to book a room and please when booking use the particulars associated with the conference to ensure you get the best rate and that we use the rooms that are block-booked.


    We’ve decided to hold off on MTR managing the Users Group, as was discussed in 2017, so we will, for now, be handling the conference and the overall users group similarly to last year. The fee for the conference is $450; the vendor fee is $1500 and registration for the conference will be through the Wartsila Users Group Web Page ( ). Please be patient-we are working on getting the 2018 conference particulars entered, as well as begin working on the agenda and associated events. These should start becoming available by the end of the week.


    In the meantime, we are asking everyone to contact and encourage vendors you know to sign up for the conference. We also want your feedback on any suggestions you have that will make the conference even better. But most importantly, we want to be sure YOU are at the conference-would not be the same without you! Looking forward to a great time in San Antonio!!!!






    Tommy Arnett, Chairman


    Wartsila Users Group




    Hello Users. The 2018 conference page is up and running. The link is there as well for hotel reservation. I would encourage all the members of this group to plan to participate by coming to the conference. And as well to encourage vendors to come to the vendor fair on the first evening. The sad truth is unless we start getting more members to come to the conference and more vendors in the vendor fair this might be the last year for The Users Group. Thanks in advance for participating and recruiting vendors. I will post the agenda as soon as I have it available. It should even better than last years conference with more involvement a some quest speakers.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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