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    We are adding six new Wartsila’s to our system (two 34SGs and four 50SGs) and we are planning to use glycol in our cooling water systems.  We’re in North Florida, so temperatures don’t get that cold in the winter (engines are designed for 10.8F).

    I’ve got a few questions about the use of glycol / freeze protection for piping:
    –  How many people use glycol in their cooling water?
    –  Has anyone installed recirculation systems instead of using glycol?
    –  What drove the decision to use glycol or a recirc system?
    –  What concentration of glycol do you use in your system?
    –  Have you had to de-rate your units because glycol concentration was    too high?
    –  Have you experienced any freezing of the high point vents on the    radiators? (these are exposed 3’ tall ½” copper tubes for our system    and we are concerned they may freeze even with glycol)

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    Our plant is in Northern BC, Canada.  During the winter our temps get down to -45 C.  We use a 60/40 mix in the LT system and a 80/20 mix in the HT system.  Our engines were de-rated because of the use of glycol.  After 6 years of operation we have never had a freeze up.  The cooling system has an electric pre-heater and circulation pumps for when the engines are shutdown

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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