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Dear Fellow Members of the Wartsila Users Group:


Well, the 2016 Conference is right around the corner! We’ve been keeping an eye on registration and to date only around 25 of the 70 member companies have registered. This is a little disappointing because without the bulk of our members at the conference, we know we are missing valuable input that sustains our mission as a key industry group affecting our overall interaction with Wartsila.  Further, if we are unable to meet our minimum registration per our block-booking agreement with the hotel, we stand to be penalized substantially for the “no-shows” and we don’t have money in reserve to cover such an expense. (I will be held personally accountable)


By copy of this email, we are asking each member to confirm their intention to either attend this year’s conference or not to attend. Based on these responses and if anticipated registration is lacking, we may be forced to make changes to the conference that would likely lessen its effectiveness for the group due to lack of overall participation. We sure hope that is not the case!


Please respond to this email NO LATER THAN Friday, September 23rd. If in the interim there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email at or by telephone at (720) 354-5200, ext. 5.










Tommy Arnett, Chairman


Wartsila Users Group