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One of the self-inflicted “action items” that I took during the recent collaboration call (and reported in the minutes of the previous post), was to forward along information related MPR’s capabilities with respect to Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) and Engine Signature Analysis (ESA).  See files within the link below.

Hopefully, the CBM report file and the CBM slide file will be self-explanatory, but I wanted to provide some background related to the ESA file.  This was a report based upon liquid-fueled Wartsila 18V38 engines in Guatemala (April 2010), so I sought/received permission from the plant operator to share this report.

The details of this ESA report represent a more full-scope of MPR capabilities, and for other plants the scope could be reduced or tailored (e.g., streamlined to recommendations only) for the specific needs, based upon number of units or station requirements.  Anyway, it will provide you with some sense of MPR’s diagnostic/prognostic services to assist with the optimization of engine operation and maintenance.

Password = password123

Please let me know if you have any questions.