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Two things:

First, I am forwarding (from last year) a “draft” version of the proposed WUG CHARTER.  This will be a discussion topic (agenda item) at the upcoming Conference.  The goal would be to have members approve a set guidelines that govern the group, its activities, and interactions.  It is meant to represent the collective  understanding/agreement of the group, so I would appreciate any thoughts questions or feedback.

See link:

The password = password123

Second, one of the benefits of gathering as a group is to share operating experience (OE).  To those ends, I would invite and strongly encourage each member station to create a brief summary (e.g., several Powerpoint slides) that can be brought to the conference on a memory stick.  That way, all Users can read/view your station’s OE as you narrate your station’s experience since our last conference.

Looking forward …