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Wartsila’s User Group Forums 50 SG Engine Peak Pressure Sensor – 50SG Reply To: Peak Pressure Sensor – 50SG


We have 20 in the spare parts which 10 belongs to Wartsila and 10 to us. There is a new design for the peak pressure sensor, you should try to get that one.

Its better not to buy too many since the design on them is not final yet. Also, before to change the sensor make sure there is no issues with the cabling, we found that our female connectors where the pins weld to the cable had no protection “heat shrink tubing” and at one point the cables were shorting out inside the female connector, we had to open all the cables in all the engines to do inspections.

Try to clean the contact in the connector with contact cleaner and add some dielectric grease before replacement, sometimes is just a connection issue. We clean and add dielectric grease every time one is replaced.

So far the peak season is starting at the plant with hot temperatures, this is when we have more issues with them.