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Wartsila’s User Group Forums 50 SG Engine Oil Mist Separator Failures Reply To: Oil Mist Separator Failures


We have 12 Alfa Laval Oil Mist Separators, engines have around 7000 hours and so far the failures we have experience on them are:

Diaphragm Pump Inlet port Broke. We think this was an overnight issue during installation, after replacing that one no more issues have been found but recently was noticed that they are obsolete and new model is in the market.


ABB VFD’s: 3 of them showed issues caused by vibrations and they were addressed adding some rubber supports. After that no more issues. All the rest of the VFD’s were found broken due to vibrations as well in the base plate but they are working fine with no issues.

1 Motor replaced: Thermal protection inside the motor failed. Motor was replaced and we received a different model that is working fine. During this troubleshooting it was found that not all the units were wired the same, some of them, the motor thermal protection was not installed.

Hope this helps.

Ruben T.