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Wartsila’s User Group Forums 50 SG Engine Oil Mist Separator Failures Reply To: Oil Mist Separator Failures


Follow up to my last post: We’ve modified our oil mist separator drain tank piping to provide a dedicated vent for the tank so it will fill and drain properly.  The original design had only a single 1″ connection for oil fill and vent. Reply with your email address if you would like to see photos.

We also found that the level sensor and wiring that controls the air solenoid for the pump will not work as designed and are awaiting Wartsila’s response.   It is a vibrating fork level sensor that requires power at all times and they used the same circuit to switch the air solenoid.  Since it is hot all the time, the air solenoid will remain energized and run the pump continuously.   We expect the fix to be a different model of the level sensor with a set of dry contacts for a separate switched circuit to power the air solenoid.

Dave Mordecai –  City of Tallahassee Hopkins Station