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Wartsila’s User Group Forums 50 SG Engine Oil Mist Separator Failures Reply To: Oil Mist Separator Failures


We have 8 each installed on our wartsila/vasa 16v32’s. All of them had been replaced way earlier before the estimated rebuild/replacement periods in the last couple of years. We have the 1st generation (1 left installed) and the latest versions as well. Neither wartsila nor alfa laval have really provided any good support towards mitigating the issues.

Same issues, shafts getting bend, bearings going out. However our recent fix seem to have decreased failure rates. We double checked how level each unit was and reinforced installation by making sure they were solidly bolted down and used rubber mounts where there were more vibrations on the base installation areas.

Still kinda early to really tell, but hopefully this works.

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