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Wartsila’s User Group Forums 50 SG Engine Sparkplug spring-connector failures Reply To: Sparkplug spring-connector failures


Update for UMERC: continue to have coil spring failures;  Wartsila has been on site to investigate and provided feedback on site maintenance practices for spark plugs.  UMERC has experienced a lot of contamination build up on the spark plug, boots, extensions, coil springs and the chamber such that Wartsila has requested extensive cleaning of these components.  Dielectric grease had been used on the inside of the boot and on the springs, but Wartsila has requested this practice be stopped until cleanliness is restored.  The root cause of the coil spring failure is still unknown, and until it is determined coil spring failures will most likely continue.  At this time UMERC continues to push Wartsila for root cause of coil spring failure.