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Wartsila’s User Group Forums General Engine Vibration Reply To: Engine Vibration


Looks like you have some serious vibrations. We have 12 50SG and so far around 8k hours on them. We have had vibration issues as well but seems that you have more than us.

We went to all the control cabinets and added extra zip ties. That has helped a lot. One thing we also found is that the output cables of the generator had some vibration problems as well so we add extra sleeves protection and heavy duty zip ties, you might want to take a look in yours. Our oil mist separators VFD had issues as well the base cracked and the displays constantly were moving out of place causing an ALM in the units. We added some pads behind the VFD to minimize the vibrations, so far no more issues.

All, the bellows connections from the auxiliary to the engine plus the axiflex clamps were constantly getting loose causing coolant or oil leaks so we kept tightening them until the leaks have stopped lately.

Another one that has been affecting us is the flex hoses of the Gas Ramp that connect to the engine but we have our compact gas ramps in the auxiliary side, not sure if you have them in the same place. We have added some extra supports to the pipes and is helping to extend their life but has not eliminated the problem completely.

You might be able to take some vibration readings and compare with a base line from Wartsila but vibrations is a very complex issue. Not sure if you have the same type of mounting as we have in our engines.

I might be able to share some pictures if you are interested to see how ours are mounted.

Ruben Tellez.