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We have silencer packing depositing on our first ROM layer.  We inspect those quarterly as required by our air permit.  However we recently experienced a DP across our SCR due to the silencer packing.  Keep in mind that our facility is 34SG’s with the silencers ahead of the SCRs.  To clean these off we use a HEPA vacuum with a soft bristle nozzle.

If you are entering the SCR enclosure, you should make sure your PPE is appropriate.  One of the components of the ROM layer is Vanadium Pentoxide.  You dont want to ingest this or get it on your skin.  There is also Vermiculite found in the expansion mats.  For our entry into the SCR enclosure we have to suit up using our full body haz mat suit plus a respirator and goggles.

We’ve also had good luck with consulting Miratech with any SCR/Urea questions.  They have several ex-HUG employees working with for them and we have found them to be quite knowledgeable with regards to troubleshooting our HUG system.

Miratech Contact – David Bonner – – 918-442-2499

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