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    Ruben Tellez

    To All 50 SG Users:

    Which shop are you using to recondition your 50SG heads for coolant leaks in the exhaust seats?

    Whats the quality of the job they do?

    Is the reports clear and on time delivered with the heads?

    Whats the turn around to have one head reconditioned including transit time?

    Thank you.


    Hello Rubben, when your questions are still valid…contact me. Br Michael


    Steven Osgood

    Ruben ,

    We use the Seattle shop of MSHS.  The quality is above what I was getting from Wartsila, they do send the report both to me via email and also shipped with the head.

    Turn around time is about 2 weeks but they can do it faster if I wanted to pay the fee to expedite the process.  The shop foreman has been down twice to make sure we were happy with the process.  I would highly recommend them.



    We use both the Miami and the London location of Industrial Spare Parts (

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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