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    We are in the process of installing six Wartsila engines.  We are going to use an SCR with ammonia and urea injection (we have two different sites).  Our GWC insulated the SCRs before we noticed that the SCR condensate drains were not installed.  We are trying to decide if it is worth the time and money to cut a hole in the insulation and add the drains.  I have a couple questions:

    – Do any other users have condensate drains in their SCRs?
    – Has anyone had issues with moisture build up in the SCRs?

    Steven Osgood

    We have condensate drains installed, and a PM to go cycle the drains monthly, and have never had water out of them.

    Our SCR is a HUG Reactor type.



    Hi Gentlemen,  as a former Hug Project Engineer,  it is not typical to have a build up of condensate in the SCR reactor housing.  You may see steam from the stack during a cold start condition since (based on ambient conditions) the cooling process can produce moisture but this will evaporate during the run.  If you have standing water then there are other issues to consider.    Just make sure you drain the stack base regularly and inspect the explosion disks for proper seal.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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