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    Dear Wärtsilä Users,




    I have continued to speak with Rob Cryer about transfer of WUG project management responsibilities to MPR Associates.




    Based upon the affirmation of members (after both the 2016 and 2017 MPR presentation) as well as my own interactions with Mr. Cryer and MPR, I would like to move the PM decision forward.




    By having MPR take on the PM role, the WUG would realize added value:


    • Benefit from MPR experience with PM leadership of other owners groups
    • Realize cost & time savings from timely resolution of common technical problems
    • Establish email listserv, quarterly calls, issue-tracking, and website responsibility
    • Share technical, operations, and maintenance lessons learned
    • Set goals to achieve maintenance, reliability and availability improvements
    • Improve communications – between WUG members and with Wärtsilä
    • Provide ready access to engine expertise




    For the initial step, I am planning to simply make the one-time decision to adopt MPR as the Project Manager for the WUG.




    My rationale:    


    • There is a lengthy list of past participants (130-140), who may or may not still have active interest in the group.
    • It would be a challenge to determine a quorum or a proper majority for electing MPR as new Project Manager for the group.
    • The other logistical matter, is that without a committed base of members, there is no discrete way to spread/allocate costs (annual dues).
    • The group Charter* proposed by MPR (controlled by WUG), would establish guidelines for democratic governance (allowing the WUG to control the WUG).
    • Once the Charter is ratified (target 2018 Conference, or before), things can be monitored and/or changed over time (annually, if required), for example:  who serves as Chairman, who serves as Project Manager, PM work scope, voting, funding, amendments to the Charter, etc.
    • This Charter will be owned by the WUG membership, and serve as a constitution document that guides what we do and how we operate.


    For 2018, I have asked Rob to operate under the premise that the initial member base consists of the stations who have been active over the past two years (core stations).  Over time, we can solicit other stations (from the lengthy/legacy list) to hopefully reengage and join, helping to further share costs.


    Unless I hear back from you before February 9, 2018, I have instructed Rob to have MPR’s Accounting group issue invoices for 2018 station dues ($1,825/station).  Once the WUG Charter is refined and ratified, the process for future payments may change so that funds are paid to a central WUG account (controlled by officers of the WUG), and the WUG officers would then distribute payment to the PM. 


    In accordance with our 2017 conference discussions, a statement of scope will list the MPR PM services as being inclusive of: 


    • Email listserv system for ease of group communication
    • Website responsibility
    • Quarterly calls
    • Issue tracking
    • Project management


    For 2018, a separate invoice will be issued for the 2018 WUG Conference, based upon the number of people attending from the core stations ($500/person).  Beyond 2018, the goal would be to have a per-station annual dues amount that would cover PM + Conference (up to a certain number of attendees).


    As Project Manager, MPR will be a member but will not have voting rights, nor will MPR (or any future PM) be eligible to be elected to any WUG office (e.g., Chairman, Co-Chairman).  To allow the new PM (MPR) to set-up systems, processes, and feedback loops, I am requesting that MPR’s initial term be for two years (2018 and 2019).  As stated in their draft of the WUG Charter, the PM (MPR, or any future PM) is subject to annual review and approval by WUG membership.


    As mentioned at the Conference, I plan to remain as Chairman during this process to ensure a smooth transition as we adopt a WUG Charter and welcome MPR as the new PM. 




    Tommy Arnett


    WUG Chairman


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