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    We recently experienced a failure of Support 202 359 and Bellows 200 081 in the exhaust piping to the wastegate. This occurred at only 1784 running hours.  About 25 hours earlier we found all four bolts sheared off at the B10 multi-duct to exhaust flange.  We never expected to have such failures so early in the life of these units.  Is this typical of the 20V34SG engine?

    Thanks for any feedback,

    Dave Mordecai, City of Tallahassee Hopkins Station

    Jeremy Saar


    This is a constant issue for us. Wartsila has a few different designs, but none of them eliminate the problem.


    Agree with Jeremy. We are performing inspections at least every 1000 hours and tend to notice the failures in CA pressure and wastegate response. The newest design from Wartsila goes to a single (larger) bellows that should be able to account for greater misalignment and thermal expansion but takes quite a bit of modification and is not a cheep fix. ~$1.3M for parts and installation. Can forward proposal if desired.

    Jeremy Saar

    Please send me the proposal. I did not know it was actually available for installation now.


    Is the $1.3mil quote based on Tech Bulletin 3420T403?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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