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    Hello Users. I am collecting written feedback from the users that we can go through for the CLS topic. We are hoping for direct and honest feedback on Wartsila’s parts delivery performance.




    The whole intent with this exercise is to make their service better. We recognize that many users are not able to join the event so want to give each user an opportunity to share the feedback.




    Wartsila will arrange on the 5th of April the following




    CLS = Customer listening session




              Purpose is to give the customers opportunity to give all feedback related to spare parts and logistics both locally (US) and Globally.


              Requesting customer feedback on alternative spare parts options and main drivers to choose non OEM (give some good examples: Pricing, quality, warranty, availability etc. and what is most important for customer)


              Going through the written collected feedback from non-attending customers concerning spare parts and logistics  


              Open conference line to customers not attending




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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