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Wartsila’s User Group Forums 50 SG Engine Glycol use in cooling water?

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    We are in the process of commissioning 4 18V50SG units, and made the decision early-on to use a 20% glycol solution in the cooling water systems for freeze protection.  The primary concern was freezing the radiators during the occasional hard freeze (temps in the teens and 20’s for 6-8 hours)

    My question for the group is: are you using glycol for freeze protection, or have you found the LT heaters adequate to maintain freeze protection for the radiators?


    Dave Mordecai

    City of Tallahassee – Hopkins Station



    Hi Dave,

    We have 12 18v50SG and the concentration we are using for glycol at the engines is 18%. There is a wartsila bulletin that talks about the cooling water I can email it to you just give me your email address.

    This is the one we use: Propylene Glycol Industrial SKYHAWK.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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