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Wartsila’s User Group Forums 50 SG Engine HUG Catalyst Life Expectacy?

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    Fellow 50SG user’s:  Any idea of the typical life expectancy of the HUG exhaust catalyst?  I’m putting a long-term O&M budget projection together and will plan to replace at intervals, but don’t know what interval is expected.

    Thanks in advance for any fleet experience/tribal knowledge.

    Dave Mordecai, Hopkins Generating Station, Tallahassee FL


    For Humboldt Bay our first ammonia slip catalyst went bad 5 years after commissioning and approximately 21650 on the engine.  We find that the number of starts affects the failure time quite a bit.  And of course, operating temperature.  Even though we operated below the high temperature we found the catalyst degrades rapidly at the higher temperatures.

    The sequence of events is as follows – ammonia slip fails first.  Followed shortly by the CO catalyst – however, a row of CO catalyst can be added to bring emissions back into control.

    The SCR catalyst fails next and a row is added to regain emissions.

    I’d be happy to discuss via phone if you’d like – 707 441 2667.


    We can refurbish some here in my facility if they are bad especially OXI and Ammonia slip ones for a fraction of the replacement cost!

    The catalysts we have designed and patented should last 7 years and are withstanding overtemperature above 550C and can be refurbished at least 2x > big advantage and super easy exchange (like2h per layer max) much lower purchasing price on SCR/OXI/ROM catalysts as the ones you have.   Hope this helps. Any questions, please let me know.  Sebastian @ Service 3000

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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