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    Hello Everyone,  we have recently had one LDU-20 totally fail and have another that is really hard to read.  Has anyone else had to replace an LDU-20?  Has anyone repaired an LDU-20?

    Thanks, Adam

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    The LDU-20 configuration can be backed up to a USB memory device (thumb drive) and then upload the settings into the replacement LDU-20. I believe it is possible to upload and download to the LDU-20 through the WECsPlorer software also but I believe that depends on the User rights that Wartsila has given you.

    We have not experienced an LDU-20 Failure but they have only been in service for approximately 14 months.

    Mike Prindle


    Houston Snyder II

    If it helps, I believe there is  a section in the Manual that states to try swapping Com Ports at the LDU first, before considering replacement.


    Thanks for the reply’s,  unfortunately Wartsila only gave us Level2 user status so we cant do any re-pogramming and we did try swapping ports and IP addresses.  These things are really expensive to replace.  Wartsila says they are a throw away part.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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