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    FYI for those of you with Leimec charge air filterhouses on your 50SG units:  Check the fit of your charge air filters to the filterhouse frame for gaps and dirty air bypass.

    While performing our 2k hour maintenance we noticed what appeared to be well-fed spiders living downstream of the Camfil bag filters.  Inspection revealed a very poor fit between the Camfil HI-FLO II XLS 5/370 filters and the Leimic filterhouse frame.  The adhesive foam rubber gasketing applied to the framework was outboard of the filter frames in most cases, allowing dirty air to bypass.  In addition there are large gaps at each corner of the support framework.

    We are caulking the corner gaps, removing the very thin adhesive gasket from the filterhouse frame, and replacing the filters with Camfil Cam-FLo H 592 x 592 x 640 F7 filters. These have a metal frame about 1/4″ larger in both dimensions and are fully gasketed for a much improved seal.

    We’re told this filter material is superior in a very humid climate, and the filter bags are longer for greater surface area.

    We should be out of the outage in a day or two, and will see how the new & clean delta P compares to the original filters.

    Dave Mordecai – City of Tallahassee Hopkins Station


    Follow up on the new Camfil filters:  new and clean delta P is .2″ water column, same as the original filters when new.

    Dave Mordecai – City of Tallahassee Hopkins Station

    Ruben Tellez


    We have Absolute Air Housings with Freudenberg filber bags in a primary and secondary stage. Thanks for sharing your findings. Will take a look in ours,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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