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    Hi all,

    We were replacing a cracked wastegate bellows on an engine today and incurred damage on the exhaust pipe that starts at the wastegate bellows (wye) and goes between the turbos and up to the wastegate valve.  Wartsila has none in stock either in the U.S. or in Amsterdam.  The quote I received today showed 8 weeks lead time.  If anyone has one in stock and may be willing to let us borrow & replace it, please let me know.  Note that our engines have a bypass valve that ties in to that pipe at the point where it turns up to the wastgate valve.  We have the 9.34MW machines.

    The exhaust pipe was damaged in that a corner of the cast-iron flange broke off while air-chiseling on a nut.  The sealing surface was not impacted, so we are going to proceed in the interim by bolting it with only 3 bolts on the flange and monitor frequently.

    Thanks in advance,


    Stephen Layton
    Plant Manager
    LCEC Generation
    Lovington, NM

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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