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    Does any one know what the cause can be of a lube oil level that is increasing in an 18W46 Engine.

    We already changed all the fuel pumps, put a blind in the lube oil filling line and isolated the lube oil separator and still the level is increasing.

    Does anybody has an idea how to solve this problem.

    Christopher Lewis

    Sounds like water !


    Agreed.  Sounds like water.  How often do you perform lube oil analysis.  The water should show up in the analysis.

    Also, don’t know about your configuration but do you have any lube oil cross tie lines with other engines that the blind mentioned does not isolate.  If so, you may want to check the cross tie isolations.

    Again – don’t know about your configuration but I know of facilities that ended up with fuel in the lube oil – is that a possibility at your facility.


    All, Thanks for the reply.
    We already done some analysis and there was no evidence of water.

    We are still taking samples.

    These engines are connected through headers with each other. We also thought that it was Fuel. The only way for the fuel to enter the engine is through the fuel pumps.

    We changed all the fuel pumps, but still we have this problems.

    Till know the level is rising.


    EGS had this problem and the cause was a valve left open between the new lube oil storage tank and the engine.  The system was able to siphon about a quart a minute into the sump when the engine was off.  After several days the level was high enough that when the engine was started it forced oil out of the access doors.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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