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    We have been experiencing random MFI demand swings that is causing a high cylinder exhaust temperature. Looking at the trends MFI demand and Exhaust temp both begin to rise at the same time and become cyclic.

    It has happen on 3 different cylinders. 3 after the 24k and now 2 of the same ones after the 26k.

    Cylinder A8 has done it 2 times shortly afterthe 24k and 26k maintenace. It cleared itself the first time after a few hours and a small load decrease (6.2 MW to 5.5 MWs) and after the 26K it also cleared itself on a load decrease.

    B1 and B3 began the same thing a few weeks after A8 did it after the 24k and load decreases did not help. They kept doing it until the 26K Maintenace but they never got as bad as A8.

    Wartsila recommend to change the pilot yokes out to the adjustable yokes which we did during the 26K.

    A week after the 26K A8 began doing it until we could drop load.

    A week or so after bring load back up (~6 MWs) B3 began to swing but much worse causing high MFI demands.

    Has anyone had any similar problems?

    We are using bridge spark plugs for some time now, the first few times running the bridge plugs we got a few cold cylinders within the first couple hundred hours.



    The B1 and B3 started a few weeks later but not as bad


    I dont know what control system you have, but if the knock sensors are not tuned right, you may have similar issues.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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