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Wartsila’s User Group Forums General Phase Sensor Failures

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    Jeremy Saar

    We have been having an extreme amount of phase sensor problems. We have had bad sensors that are new out of the package and we have had many fail with only a few hundred run hours. We have made a tech request with Wartsila to investigate the problems with the manufacturer. I know it was brought up at the users group, but I think it got swept under the rug. I have reached out to Sam Straka and he suggested tracking all failures and reporting the failures using Wartsila’s tech request form. The more people that complain, the better our chances are for product improvements and I am also hoping for a few free replacements. We have purchased 20 phase sensors since may of 2018. So far, Wartsila has requested that we start sending them our failed sensors for them to troubleshoot and investigate.

    For any of you dealing with similar issues, please report them to Wartsila.




    UMERChas had one (1) primary phase sensor failure.  UMERC is still in warranty and phase sensor failure was submitted to Wartsila as a warranty claim – claim is still open

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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