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    Hello. Are there any members (besides Plains End) that have Unitrol 1000 AVR’s installed on your generators? If so how are you meeting the NERC standard for PSS monitoring and reporting?

    Jeremy Saar

    On the AVR, scroll to setup and then scroll down to PSS. When you hit OK if PSS is active it will show PSS Active = True.

    You can either take a picture of that or log it.



    Due to requirements in ERCOT (TRE) we were required to upgrade to the Unitrol 1020… So we have a spare 1000 if anyone needs it. Additionally, we had Wartsila add a visual indicator on the engine control page for each engine that shows AVR in Auto and PSS Active. We pulled these points into PI and can run a trend.


    We have the Unitrol 1020, just now are pushing onto the grid and I cant find any documentation on the type of PSS we have if we have one.  There is a PSS place on the AVR  graphic but it does show active when units are operating.   Not sure if we have one, where is it located on the AVR plate or is it internal to the PLC?


    We are in Florida and had a similar requirement to display the status of our AVR.  We had Wartsila put a display on the WOIS (it sounds very similar to what you did).  After a few weeks our operators questioned whether or not the AVR status was accurate.  We checked by forcing the AVR to manual using a DI on the AVR itself (send me an e-mail if you want details) and the AVR status on the WOIS was not correct.  Wartsila had to go back and fix the status.  I’m not sure how you tested the display on the WOIS, but this doesn’t seem like something Wartsila does very often and it would be a good idea to make sure you tested that the indication was accurate.

    The PSS is built in to the Unitrol 1020; it is enabled at whatever power level you put in the settings of the AVR.



    Stephen Layton

    Any issues with the Unitrol 1020 AVR’s so far?  Does the upgrade from Unitrol 1000 require Wartsila to install, or can it be done by someone else?  I understand that you would need Wartsila if you require PSS status on WOIS, but otherwise are they required?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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