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    Does anyone out there have, and regularly use the WECSplorer workstation and software? We are looking at getting it, but I am curious if there are any great benefits to it, or is access too limited with what they would give to an end user? Is it worth the cost? Thanks


    We use it for our 3 SG50’s. It has helped us for maintaining our AVR’s, Tuning the Big End Bearing Sensors and searching for alarms that don’t show up on the 901/902 computer screens. Also, it will let us generate a much more comprehensive list of events that we can send in if we are having issues that we can not find, via the log files you can export with it.

    I think there is a manual for WECSplorer available online from Wartsila that would give you some more info.



    My experience with WESCplorer on both the WECS8000 and UNIC have been mixed. Depending on the access level that you are granted (which is adjustable by Wartsila) you can do all that you need to or nothing at all… It is a great tool for getting higher speed trending and real-time event records while troubleshooting but to be able to use it for tuning or calibration of devices, my experience is that you need to specify with Wartsila the specific points that you want to be able to adjust, why you need those points and even then you may need to sign a EULA or other similar document to get the access that you want.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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