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    We are discussing the tech bulletin on the end-of-lifecycle of the WOIS automation system based on the windows 2008 server.  The proposal Wartsila for the sWOIS redundant server and associated equipment is $450K.  Any one considering the update or have experience with obsolete operating notices like this?



    Darren Sigur

    We are looking at the same thing. The only question is your system connected to the out side world?  They are saying that it cost so much is that they have to change out all the equipment and software to sWOIS


    We have made the change to sWOIS. The change was pretty straight forward and has given us some added capabilities. That said, the only requirement that I am aware of for upgrading your system is if you are a NERC CIP Medium site or higher (black-start, etc.) If you are not, there is not an external requirement to upgrade. That said, I believe that your questions is, how long can you really go before you shell out $450k? In my experience at other sites, as long as you have a back-up image of your system and a new computer that it will run on, you can extend the life indefinitely of what you currently have. What I have run into is having to go to Ebay or other sources to find parts and rebuild parts of the workstations as they fail. All that said, if you are in a situation where you have to install system patches, windows isn’t supporting the operating system, you don’t really have a choice but to upgrade. Make sure though that that you require the most recent operating system to give yourself the longest lead time. When we purchased our upgrade, server 2016 was already out but Wartsila wanted to do the install on server 2012…

    Give me a call if you have any questions,

    Kevin Moore

    Ops. Mgr. Antelope Elk Energy Center (AEEC)



    After reading this topic I checked our WOIS servers and we have Server 2008 installed.  We have 4 50SGs that went commercial in January of 2019.  This is our first time dealing with Wartsila engines and we didn’t check the version of the operating system during commissioning.

    My question is – are there other users that had engines commissioned during the same time frame?  If so, what version of server was installed on your WOIS?  Did you have the sWOIS installed?


    Thanks in advance.


    Mike Muhly



    When Antelope Elk performed the upgrade to sWOIS in March of 2019 we were upgraded to Windows Server 2012 because that was the currently tested version that was available.

    We did have in our purchase order (and it was agreed to in advance) that Wartsila would supply the platform on the newest release of windows server available. Because of time lines, Wartsila decided to perform the install on 2012 and then come back later and upgrade the servers to 2016 at their cost after it had been tested by the factory. We expect that upgrade to happen in April of this year.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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