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  • in reply to: Starting Air Compressors (Sperre – XA 150) #2192

    Dear Emir,

    We are using XA 120 in our site, and we used to get this alarm also frequently.
    What we noticed is that we had a build up in the coolers and also in the pressure switches.
    We had to change the coolers and pressure switches frequently.

    Seems that these compressors are only made for start up and they cannot run too long, otherwise it will build up burned lube through the whole system.

    Did you change the pressure switches with new ones.

    in reply to: Oil Mist Separator Failures #2086

    Dear Dave,

    I’m interested in the foto’s. We are having the same problems. We have already changed 6 separators.
    We also asked Wartsila, but no reply. We are still awaiting their answer.

    in reply to: Big end bearing problems #1973

    Dear Benjamin,

    Thank you for you’re reply.
    I’m stated in South America (Surinam).
    We are using heavy fuel oil with a sulphur of 0.7%.
    Do you have more information about this problem.

    in reply to: Lube oil level increasing in sump #1790

    All, Thanks for the reply.
    We already done some analysis and there was no evidence of water.

    We are still taking samples.

    These engines are connected through headers with each other. We also thought that it was Fuel. The only way for the fuel to enter the engine is through the fuel pumps.

    We changed all the fuel pumps, but still we have this problems.

    Till know the level is rising.

    in reply to: Exhaust gas temp deviation #1779

    Dear All,

    Yhank you for you reply.

    We opened a technical request at Wartsila. We are still awaiting their reply.

    in reply to: Exhaust gas temp deviation #1770

    Thanks for the reply.

    We don’t have the Unic control, so i’m looking forward to a solution.
    Sometime at startup the temperatures are very low, so if the deviation starts these temp are sometime below the deviation and the engines trips. If it was an alarm you can still do something about it.


    It is breaking from vibration fatique.
    Do you have any solution.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)